Mutiltrack Horn Ensemble Arrangements

I've been using midi and audio recording on the computer since 1988. I remember being excited being about being able to record both parts of a duet in 8-bit stereo under windows 3.1! Now I use Logic Audio as a mulitrack audio/midi recorder. It's like having a 24 track studio in your computer.

I'm a huge fan of accapella vocal groups like the Singer's Unlimited, Take 6, Swingle Singers, etc. and I've always wanted to recreate these type of arrangements for horn ensembles. You can hear some of my attempts below.

I create a guide track via midi for a click reference and then record all of the parts one at a time a process called overdubbing. It is also a great practice since all your errors in tone, rhythmn, and intonation are very apparent.

The short excerpts below are in mp3 format. The built in players on both Macs and PCs should play these files fine.If you have trouble playing these files please email me and I'll try to help.


I recorded this in May 2002. It's transcription for 10 horns of a brass ensemble arrangement I found on the net.


This except is my transcription of a Singer's Unlimited's arrangement of the Beatle's tune "Michelle" for 16 horns.


This except is a transcription of the big band classic "Malaguena" for 5 horns.


This excerpt is from one of my first arrangements. It's the progressive rock group Yes's piece "Roundabout" for 10 horns.

La Fiesta

This is an arrangement by Bob Higgins for an upcoming Blue Devils Alumni recording.